Fade 1.06

An incredible dose of suspense for your Pocket PC

Louis knows of several problems related to his past: he has amnesia, has strange dreams every night, experiences somnambulism crises, follows a treatment for his daily headaches, and most of all is in a very bad financial position.

When his richest customer, Mr Belleville, offers him a mysterious job, he has no choice but to accept without hesitation. But soon, he'll get into a sinister adventure that goes behind his understanding, with conspiracy, betrayal, and strange goings on.

Against his will, Louis will fall into this infernal spiral to solve the deepest mystery ever, and meet his final destiny, no matter what the price may be.

Full game features include:

  • Beautiful 65000 colors CG rendered Graphics
  • More than 450 in-game screens
  • Dozens of characters
  • Sound environment that create a unique feeling
  • Total interaction with each object in the backgrounds
  • Over 20 hours of intense gaming
  • Intuitive inventory system and user interface
  • A twisted and fascinating novel quality story
  • Dozens of clever puzzles to solve
  • Three save slots
  • Perfect US/english texts
  • Gamma and luminosity controls

Popular, exciting adventure for the Pocket PC.

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Fade 1.06

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